How to configure Android Emulator.

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Before we dive in…….. for a newbie just hearing the word “Android Emulator” here’s what it means:

An Android emulator is an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that represents a specific Android device. You can use an Android emulator as a target platform to run and test your Android applications on your PC. Using Android emulators is optional, so on the other hand you can call it a representative of an android device.

Configuring an Android emulator to run Android 13 is a great solution for exploring new features and APIs and testing Android 13 behavior changes. Setting up an emulator is fast and convenient and allows you to emulate various screen sizes and device characteristics.

You can set up an emulator from inside Android Studio by doing the following:

  1. Install the latest Preview build of Android Studio.
  1. In Android Studio, click Tools > SDK Manager.
  2. In the SDK Tools tab, select the latest version of Android Emulator, and click OK. This action installs the latest version if it isn’t already installed.
  3. In Android Studio, click Tools > AVD Manager, and follow the instructions to create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD).
  4. Be sure to select a device definition for a supported Pixel device and a 64-bit Android 13 emulator system image. If you don’t already have an Android 13 system image installed that matches your device definition, click Download next to the Release Name to get it.
  5. Return to the list of virtual devices in the AVD Manager, and then double-click your Android 13 virtual device to launch it.

Before installing android studio one need to be sure your pc meets the requirement for successful installation otherwise you might continue getting an an error, make sure to read the article for installation on the site.



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